Piletec Attachments

Piletec Attachments INTRODUCTION Piletec is the UK’s specialist supplier of piling and foundation equipment to the construction, civil engineering & utilities sectors. Piletec offer the UK’s most comprehensive range of piling equipment for almost any project and temporary works application. To complement their wide range of products and to meet the ever-increasing demand for multi-purpose attachments, we have launched a dedicated attachments business called Piletec Attachments. The product range includes a wide range of attachments which can be found in this brochure and include; high-quality mini crushers, shears, multi-processors, grabs, hydraulic compactors, rock breakers, and digging and re-handling clamshells, to name just a few – basically anything that uses a hydraulic excavator’s in-board hydraulics. ...COMMITTED TO MEETING OUR CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS.