Sandhurst is now pleased to offer 300mm Clamshell Digging Buckets. NEW RAIL 26 globe Sandhurst Mulchers Mulchers, also known as Brush Cutters or Flails, efficiently clear thick scrub, grass, bramble, thicket and brushwood from hard-to-access areas such as embankments, ditches and hedgerows. ■ Cuts and mulches brush up to 1100mm wide sections ■ Can be fitted with knives to clear gorse, cut overgrowth & for hedge cutting ■ Fixed teeth models available ■ Heavy-duty retractable hammer blade option for thicker branches ■ Fitted with a floating head to maintain contact over irregular surfaces The compact dimensions of this Re-Handling Clamshell Grab Bucket handles material in low headroom & confined spaces. ■ Now available in 300mm, 600mm and 900mm Shells ■ Heavy duty slimline digging bucket for machines 8 – 20 tonnes in weight ■ Slimline design ideal for digging between rail sleepers and wet bed works ■ Precision digging for restricted access ■ Fully protect ram rods Five Tine Grabs The Five Tine Grabs is ideal for track maintenance & perfect for use in low headroom conditions such as tunnels. ■ Securely & efficiently grips rail sleepers, timber and other material directly from the ground leaving minimal surface damage ■ Powerful clamping forces provide secure gripping ■ Close coupled 15 degree plate provides additional articulation & controlled 360 degree hydraulic rotation ■ Optional three over four tines jaw opening to 1500mm also available Rehandling Clamshell Grab Buckets