Groundforce Shorco Brochure

Trench Cutter Multi-Bar Cropper Power Cropper Single Bar Pile Cropper This cropper has been used when house footings have to be kept to a minimum, making savings on concrete. 4 Jaw Cropper MotoCut CHD Cropper CFA Cropper HD435 Cropper Used for cutting cast in situ, contiguous and secant concrete piles, leaving the rebar intact. Ideal for a range of square concrete piles and performs up to 5x faster compared to manual cutting. This cropper is designed to cut CHD or ‘corkscrew’ piles. The fast, safe method of reducing cast in-situ, circular, concrete piles. An efficient and time-saving system used for cropping large, round concrete piles. Used to cut down square pre-cast piles with four to eight rebar. The Power Cropper is used for ultra-fast pile reduction and has two functions for cutting pre-cast, four bar piles. The chosen cropper when cutting square, pre-cast, single reinforcement bar piles. NEW Mr Cropper Pile Cropper Specialists 66 Groundforce Businesses globe phone 0800 121 7747