Stopper Specialists

03  0370 850 5153 | 31 Hazmat Hazmat Environmental Protection & Leak Sealing Stopper Specialists offer a range of products from Savatech, who are the market leader of creating quality rubber products for both environmental protection and rescue operations when dealing with hazardous materials. Ranging from products to contain leaks on either small barrels or road transporter tankers, allowing rescue teams to carry out any recovery operations by creating a safe area, through to the control of aggressive chemicals from entering the drainage systems. Leak Sealing Lance Set The leak sealing lance set can seal holes at a distance with a remote placement and inflation lance. Sealing wedges work well in quick sealing of tanks that have been punctured by a fork-lift blade. Sealing cones work well in sealing of round hole punctures. ■ Easy handling ■ Quick sealing ■ Low air requirement ■ Superior grip surface Vacuum Drainage Bags Vacuum Drainage Bags use suction to attach to tanks or containers so there is no need for belts or tightening chains – they work very well on flat surfaces where belts don’t perform as well, you can attach bags to any flat or large radius tank with smooth surfaces. ■ Easy positioning ■ No straps needed ■ A controlled transfer of liquids ■ Round shape Sealing Tubes Set Sealing Tubes are used for a fast and temporary leak sealing of pipe bend and difficult-to-access pipe connections. ■ Easy positioning ■ Used for every pipe diameter ■ Stainless Steel parts ■ Perfect for industrial usage