Stopper Specialists

Stopper Specialists 32 Hazmat Hazmat Drainage Pipe Sealing Bags Drainage leak sealing bags are a perfect solution when the usage of other sealing bags is impossible, especially in cases of leakage on tube connections and junctions. Drainage leak sealing bags have a built-in zipper that enables simple positioning and each side also has a pneumatic element which prevents side outflow. Together with the waterproof zipper, it guarantees tightness of the bag itself while also including a built-in stainless steel ball valve for liquid release. ■ Easy positioning ■ Flexible sealing sleeves ■ Controlled transfer of liquids ■ Special zipping system Mini Leak Sealing Bags Mini sealing bags of T1, T2, T3 type are used for sealing of tanks and barrels from 100 to 900 mm in diameter. Sealing bags are made of soft rubber. Their cord structure assures proper flexibility and capacity. Sealing bags are equipped with quick acting couplings for deflation and inflation. ■ Flexible design ■ Easy positioning ■ Used by first response unit ■ Low air requirement Large Leak Sealing Kit Large Leak Sealing Bags are used for fast and temporary leak sealing on tanks, in large pipes and containers of all shapes and sizes. They are suitable for use with majority of hazardous liquids, fuels, water, oils, etc. Strap the bag, inflate it with air and use sealing plates and acid bags for additional protection. ■ Flexible design ■ Easy positioning ■ Used by first response unit ■ Low air requirement Gully Sealing Set The storm-drain sealing set is used to quickly seal roadside storm-drains in the event of chemical spill and to keep contaminates out of drainage system. Plugs can be standard, long-life rubber compound or oil-resistant Chloroprene compound. ■ Quick inflation ■ Easy positioning ■ High chemical resistance ■ Used by first response unit