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U Mole 0800 0288 242 | www.umole.co.uk | info@umole.co.uk Pipe & Cable Trailers U Mole offer a range of Coil Pipe Trailers, Pipe Pushers, Pipe Breaking & cable Handling products for use in gas and water mains replacement and the electrical sector. All U Mole’s products are designed to withstand the rigors of the utility plant hire industry. V Series Trailers Hypower Coil Trailer U Mole Chute Roller ‘V’ Series pipe dispensing trailers are designed to meet the ‘GIS’ requirement and to accommodate 100m of coiled pipe. ■ Fully GIS compliant ■ Ground level operation ■ No drum/carousel ■ Supplied with pipe end restraint clamp ■ Full LED dual voltage lights as standard (12v/24v) ■ Pipe re-rounding clamps are available ■ Adjustable rollers A revolutionary, unique coil pipe trailer designed to transport and dispense 500m coils of 90mm pipe and other coil sizes up to 1200mm coil width and 3200mm coil diameter. Remote controlled powered hydraulics keep the operator a safe distance away from the trailer when preparing and dispensing the coil. Using its innovative hydraulic lifting mechanism the 500m coil pipe trailer lifts the dead weight off the trailer chassis making it easier and safer to dispense pipe because the trailing and inner end of the coil does not snag or jam on the rollers, compared to trailers utilising a pipe end clamp and ratchet strap. ■ 02 Category trailer type approved ■ HyPower Coil Winch ■ Pipe enclosed inside trailer from above ■ Fully GIS E49:2008 compliant ■ No pipe end clamp or ratchet strap ■ Galvanized for long life ■ Load and dispense pipe from ground level ■ LED 12/24V removable lights ■ Dispense from the rear or beneath ■ Electric hydraulic pump & manual pump ■ Heavy duty, lightweight sectional construction For all the latest news and information about our products and services, please visit www.umole.co.uk