U Mole

WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK STICK VS PODGER BAR Go to Youtube.com/vpgroundforce Click Stick Click Stick is the mechanical alternative to manual hammers and Podgers, designed to break/crack redundant metal pipes safely with controlled flexibility around other utilities. ■ Lightweight, portable and significantly reduces the risk of impact and manual handling injuries ■ Operated by a very sensitive remote, enabling precise control over the force applied to break the pipe thus making it suitable for live insertions where additional control is required ■ Simple set up and ready to go in 2 minutes ■ Hydraulically operated from either a foot pump or a battery power pack ■ Demonstration and training available U Mole 0800 0288 242 | www.umole.co.uk | info@umole.co.uk Power Push 55-180 mm 90-300 mm 180-400 mm Op. Pressure (bar) Max. 200 Max. 200 Max. 200 Clamping Force 1200 KGF 5000 KGF 5000 KGF Height 420 mm 600 mm 600 mm Length 310 mm 460 mm 460 mm Width 335 mm 590 mm 590 mm Excavator Size 1.5T / 3T 3T / 5T 3T / 5T Weight 46 kg 90 kg 172 kg The Power Push excavator attachment allows for a safer, faster, more economic and compliant way to insert new pipe and cable through existing host mains. It can also be used to re-round, clamp and align pipe in preparation for connections. It has been developed especially to suit the needs of large and small scale diameter mains, cable installations and replacements. Pipe Pushing avoids the risk of stretching PE pipe therefore fusion welding can commence immediately after insertion. The Cable Drum Trailer is designed for the safe loading, transportation and unreeling cable from drums in weights up to 2500kg on the UK highway. It comes available in sizes: CD40, CD60 and CD70 Cable Drum Trailers Model CD40 CD60 CD70 Unladen Weight 500kg 750kg 750kg Gross Road Weight 2000kg 3100kg 3500kg Max Payload Road Use 1500kg 2350kg 2750kg Max Payload Off Road Use 1800kg 3000kg 3500kg Max Drum Width 1250mm 1280mm 1280mm Drum Diameter 750–2200mm 1060–2500mm 1060–2500mm Spindle Diameter 50mm 76mm 76mm ■ Drum diameters 750–2500mm ■ Hydraulic hand pump as standard ■ Safe and easy drum handling ■ Heavy duty suspension ■ Mechanical drum security lock ■ Fully EC road compliant ■ Safety parking brake ■ EU braking and lighting systems The Power Push